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S3000 Crawler-based Pan & Tilt CCTV Inspection System


          Extra Durable Easy-to-Use Crawler Type Inspection System

          Highly Adjustable Design

          5.5 Bar Waterproof Pan-and-Tilt Camera

          For Inspecting Pipes of 150mm(5.9") and Up to 1m (40")

          High-quality, Super Sensitive CMOS Image Sensor

          Front and Top camera Connectors for Different Pipe Diameters

          10.4” TFT Monitor with 800x600 Resolution

          Integrated DVR (MPEG2 format), WinCan Compatible

          Kevlar Braided Cable – 200m (656') Standard Length, 250m (820') Optional

          USB Interface

          Wheel sets and Gantry for all diameters to 1m(40") included





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Z75 Pan & Rotate Camera

If you have a large or complex drainage system and would like the ability to get a closer look at every angle, the Z75 Pan & Rotate Camera is perfect for your project.


The camera can also be integrated as an upgrade to some existing systems, such as the Compact 152 and Telespec Mainline.  Features include:


  75mm diameter stainless steel and aluminium body – both practical and durable


 High quality CMOS imaging sensor, with excellent low light capability


  Powerful LED lighting – illuminating up to 1m


  Continuous rotation


  Sapphire front window


  Tested to 5.5 bar external water pressure


  Integral video line driver to minimise cable losses





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S3000 Midi - Mainline Crawler base unit

This unit is ideal for mounting your drainage camera system, and can also be integrated as an upgrade

to existing systems. Features include:


  150mm minimum diameter


  With accessories, it can be configured up to 1m


  150 watt motor


  4 wheel drive


  Top connector for gantry camera mounting


  Optional inclinometer


  Additional wheels, spacers, gantry available for higher diameter pipes




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1100 Lumens                              10.4"



150 - 1000mm                             MPEG2                                                                          


Flash drive recording                   On screen text & counter












S3000 Portable CCU

This compact camera and crawler control unit is perfect for operating a number of systems easily and effectively. We have upgraded a number of our systems, including Telespec and Pipex, to function with this controller. Features include:


  Integral 10.4” LED backlit display


  Integral MPEG2 DVR with hard drive


  USB ports for data transfer and storage


  A custom-designed control panel and keyboard to fit your requirements


  Weights just 13kg, making it light and easily portable


  Rugged Peli case design


  Compatible with PC running WinCan Reporting software


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play-button PLAY LED 150---1000mm---- Flash-drive 160GB 10.4-inch MPEG2 On-screen-text-&-counter

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